Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Greening" of the Bare Boxes

There's nothing quite like fresh beautiful greens and assorted other "finds" from the garden to create wonderful window boxes, flaunting nature's exhibition of splendor through an alternate view on a winter canvas.

Most of the greenery used had to be purchased as I do not have unlimited access to woodland areas for scavenging pine boughs and branches. But everything else was taken right from the offerings of my surrounding gardens. Even now in this transitional season the b&b gardens continue to offer many enjoyable treasures even though their stunning summer radiance has faded.

The short time span between dumping out of the summer/fall flowers and the addition of the winter greenery, leaves them looking empty and forlorn. The stark contrast of the devoid, barren boxes hastens my motivation to get them refilled for the winter season. When filled once again, they look so welcoming and inviting. Now that the window boxes at the Korner Kottage B&B in Suttons Bay are filled with their wintery mix, I truly feel like the holiday season can begin in earnest.

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